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About Us

There had always been talanoa (conversations) around the grog bowl or taki sessions by a group of good friends about helping out with things back home in Fiji but it never eventuated into something concrete. All that changed on 19 February 2016 when the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston, tore through Fiji causing utter devastation (over a billion dollars in damage becoming the costliest cyclone in the South Pacific basin) and the single latest casualty count by a cyclone in Fiji’s history.

This galvanised 1Love’s founder to start a simple GoFundMe campaign for $5000 (AUD) which was met with overwhelming response when in just four weeks $14,000 (AUD) was donated. It was an incredible show of spirit and support by people from all backgrounds. The money raised was used to assist in a wide range of post TC Winston projects from hospital equipment to emergency response equipment as well as facilitating in rebuilding of damaged or destroyed homes and other infrastructure.

Rebuilding a Stronger Fiji



Our mission is simple: We want to aid in the eradication of stumbling blocks for disadvantaged and vulnerable Fijians. Our quintessential aim is to ensure that we future- proof recipients by providing them with holistic and tangible support. Our core focus areas are education, housing, health and emergency or disaster relief.



Our fundamental objective, which underpins all our projects, is to ensure that donated funds are not mismanaged and/or wasted. We apply strict due diligence and fiscal measures when funding projects or partnering with others. We do not to provide knee-jerk support but aim to provide a plan of action which empowers the recipient(s) for the long term.



1Love is a fully volunteer supported and run charity. We activate in times of need and crises based on our key focus areas which run as projects year long. If you are interested in our work and would like to know more, please contact us.



Our work brings smiles and joy to those who are otherwise only used to despair and desolation. It is through your continued support and assistance that we are able to carry out our mission assisting Fijians in need of a helping hand.

Our Team

Rajiv Naidu

Founder & Secretary General

Raj has been involved in the not-for-profit sector for over 15 years, working in the United Nations and with other NGOs in the Pacific region, New Zealand & Australia.

Vinesh Mudaliar


Vinesh brings a wealth of corporate and business acumen to the organisation. He is a director of a successful national company and a proud family man.

Alvin Nand


A MBA qualified management consultant, Alvin has worked for large companies like IBM, Accenture, QBE and he brings invaluable fiscal experience to us.

Navneet Sami

Committee Member

Sami is a larger than life guy with a massive heart and a sharp sense of humour. He is also the director of a signage business that's expanding rapidly nationally.

Avinesh Naicker

Committee Member

Avi is a community & family oriented individual who is always willing to help anyone. He is a Senior Consultant in a national Managed Services company.

Our Legacy

Passion & Causes


We want to see that every single Fijian child has access to education. It is not expensive to sponsor a child in Fiji because education is subsidised by the government. We aim to assist vulnerable and needy kids to go to school.


In comparison to its Pacific Island neighbours, Fiji's health care system is relatively better developed. However, the health sector including handicapped care, aged care, and mental health services are constrained by a lack funding, equipment, technology, and retention of qualified staff. 1Love Fiji Foundation hopes to fund equipment and/or donate towards addressing these issues.


In comparison to its Pacific Island neighbours, Fiji's health system is relatively better developed. Whilst policy systems are robust, the entire health sector including handicapped care, aged care, and mental health services are plagued by a lack of equipment, technology, retention of qualified staff, and funding. We hope to assist in the alleviation of these situations.

Emergency Relief/Special Projects

We activate to fundraise for emergency/disaster situations and/or when an urgent appeal needs to be launched to help a cause, individual or family. This may include, but is not limited to, natural or humanitarian disasters, emergency medical needs, loss of life/lives or property, etc.

Partners Who Care

Support Us

You are the change. Your help, in whichever form, is what drives us and our partners to accomplish our goal of making Fijian lives better - one small step at a time.

Your continued support, trust in us, and commitment makes all the difference and helps us succeed. Hand in hand, we give hope to those who have lost hope. Together, we can achieve more and provide for those who feel as if no-one cares for them or that they have nothing left to live for. You help us give them a reason to believe that they have a future and wonderful life ahead, despite the challenges!

We aim to use any funds raised in an ethical, fair and transparent manner, always erring on the side of due dilligence. To this end, we have robust internal mechanisms and processes to ensure that all monies raised are documented, accounted for, and applied to long-term sustainable growth projects.

Any funds raised by us are used in an ethical, non-discriminatory and transparent manner. We have robust internal due diligence processes to ensure that all monies raised are documented, accounted for, and applied to long-term sustainable projects.

"Vinaka" is Fijian for 'thank you'. And for us, there aren't enough vinakas in the world to do justice for the gratitude we have for your support and love. We dedicate our work and the success stories that come out of it to you. So whatever your reasons may be, thank you for being with us in this journey and for empowering us to be the catalysts for positive change.

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